Q1 2018

Private Alpha

Developer Module V.0

Customer Module V.0

Enhanced blockchain tools V.0

Alpha Pen testing

Q2 2018

Launch Public Alpha

Developer Module V.1

Customer Module V.1

Protocols adoption framework V.0

Q3 2018

Scale up the public Alpha

API platform V.0

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.0

Community Module V.0

Enhanced Blockchain tools V.1

Q4 2018

Launch Public Beta

Protocols adoption framework V.1

Add 1 new protocol to the platform

API platform V.1

Bounties Module V.0

DApps Module V.0


Launch the first full version

Developer Module V.2

Customer Module V.2

Enhanced blockchain tools V.2

DApps Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.1

Community Module V.1

Bounties Module V.1

Add 3 blockchain protocols

Startups Module V.0 and V.1

Projects Module V.0

Enterprise Module V.0


Launch the upgraded version

Startups Module V.2

Bounties Module V.2

Projects Module V.1

DApps Module V.2

Enterprise Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.2

Community Module V.2

Add 5 blockchain protocols

Product Updates

  • Faster access to smart contract status and easier to follow up on smart contract review cycle
  • Option to suspend smart contract from sale
  • Infinite scroll for homepage smart contracts list
  • Search, filter and display only the smart contracts that suit your needs
  • Security improvements generated from continuous ethical hacking
  • Ethereum Oracle - The Ethereum oracle allows a smart contract to raise an event in order to make a request for external data, logging it in the transaction topic events that can be fetched at any given moment
  • Bytecode analysis - Detects call to untrusted contracts, detects a range of possible attacks that can be performed and a suite of metrics that measure the overall quality of the code
  • Duplicate code analysis - Function checking, we search on the whole Ethereum blockchain for contracts that have the same function with the same call code (search after the same bytecode)
  • Call Graph - Provide a detailed function graphic view where the buyer and the developer can see the implications of his contract functions calls and the overall functionality
  • Bounties implemented in the dev platform. This tool will be used by Modex to grow the developer community and run global hackathons. Also, all the bounties posted by Modex in the dev platform will be available in the marketplace
  • RBAC access - User should be alone or a part of an organization and we provide role-based access to the repositories he/she owns
  • User management - We offer a full solution to the user in order to better manage his/her developer account on the platform (avatar, password, email address, ssh keys, 2fa, repository linting, organizations, applications, delete account)
  • User dashboard - The user has a complete overview of his/her tasks, issues, history, and organizations (pull requests, issues, bytecode analysis, duplicate analysis, overview)
  • Explore dashboard - The user can see a list with the repository owned, the users in an organization and the organization that he/she is in
  • Repository migration tool - The user can pull data from another git repository that he/she has at his/her disposal and can select if its a mirror or not (pushes code to both parties or not)
  • Add new repository - The user can create a repository with a.gitignore file, a License file and a Readme file, chose if it’s private or not and assign it to an organization or not
  • File explorer - The user can view the files in a repository based on the commit history and author with a diff explorer and provides cloning help via the interface.
  • Issue explorer - The user can view the issues in an orderly fashion based on the user who opened them. The labels attached supports markdown and have references to the commit
  • Milestone explorer - The user can set a milestone for his/her organization repository in order to work in a timeline fashion, with the ability to set a deadline
  • Documentation/wiki explorer - The user can document his code in a complex manner using Markdown with support for multiple pages.
  • Added parameter type to smart contract parameter configuration
  • Implemented compilation test before smart contract publication
  • Added username to account settings
  • Now allowing users to show image from Gravatar as their profile picture
  • Implemented a developer profile page
  • Implemented deployment of owned contracts
  • Allow edit of a Modex Admin rejected smart contract
  • Performance and speed improvement on website loading
  • Email notification on smart contract purchase, to both the buyer and the seller

We're working on these new features

Developer Platform

  • Blockchain IDE (integrated developer environment) hooked to a custom test network - Syntax support for solidity, Linting, New project creation (Templating, read me, continuous integration, support), Remote contract execution (with own nodes - test net deploy, test net function call, test net tx status), autocomplete for Solidity
  • Custom test network - Modify existing Ethereum node test net technology in order to satisfy the requirements that the bytecode analysis and the IDE have
  • Creation of our own Ethereum nodes - gas estimation, transaction processing, contract deployment, contract function testing, IDE integration (transaction status, gas price estimation, transaction processing), blockchain explorer.


  • Test before buy - This functionality is used by the client to test a smart contract before committing to buy it. It’s an essential tool, because smart contracts come in all shapes and forms, and a title with a parameters description doesn’t offer sufficient information for clients. In order to protect our customer’s interests, we've added this functionality that will enable them to see a smart contract in action and to determine if it is suitable for their needs.
  • Bounties - The bounties feature will offer businesses the possibility to request smart contracts from Modex. Customers will post bounties and if the smart contract passes all the tests run in the development platform, their contract will be sent to the final stage where the customer chooses the winner. This functionality contains two parts: the developer and the customer. On the developer's end, we've already launched the bounties feature back in June and it's now used in running global challenges (weekly / monthly). Currently, all bounties are posted by Modex and with this release we'll open the gates for companies to post bounties alongside Modex.
  • Knowledgebase - The Modex Knowledge Module offers valuable insights on blockchain through documentation organized on different levels, taking into account the specific needs and background of the users: new to the blockchain, end-users, startups, business documentation and more.
  • API buyer - APIs allow companies to easily implement solutions bought from Modex into their decentralized or centralized solutions. Developers and companies need APIs to integrate what they've purchased from Modex into their app and / or website.

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