Q1 2018

Private Alpha

Developer Module V.0

Customer Module V.0

Enhanced blockchain tools V.0

Alpha Pen testing

Q2 2018

Launch Public Alpha

Developer Module V.1

Customer Module V.1

Protocols adoption framework V.0

Q3 2018

Scale up the public Alpha

API platform V.0

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.0

Community Module V.0

Enhanced Blockchain tools V.1

Q4 2018

Launch Public Beta

Protocols adoption framework V.1

Add 1 new protocol to the platform

API platform V.1

Bounties Module V.0

DApps Module V.0


Launch the first full version

Developer Module V.2

Customer Module V.2

Enhanced blockchain tools V.2

DApps Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.1

Community Module V.1

Bounties Module V.1

Add 3 blockchain protocols

Startups Module V.0 and V.1

Projects Module V.0

Enterprise Module V.0


Launch the upgraded version

Startups Module V.2

Bounties Module V.2

Projects Module V.1

DApps Module V.2

Enterprise Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.2

Community Module V.2

Add 5 blockchain protocols

Product Updates

  • Created referral code bonus for referral owner and referral code user
  • Implemented option to test a smart contract before buying it
  • Integrated ERC20 Modex smart contract with marketplace
  • Added DAPPS page
  • Compressed uploaded images
  • Improved Categories bar display
  • Integrated with Modex Testnet
  • Implementation of rewarding system based on specific actions performed by users
  • Implemented user authentication using OAuth server
  • Added connection to Modex Developer Platform
  • Aligned Modex Marketplace and Modex Developer Platform Wallets
  • Faster access to smart contract status and easier to follow up on smart contract review cycle
  • Option to suspend smart contract from sale
  • Infinite scroll for homepage smart contracts list
  • Search, filter and display only the smart contracts that suit your needs
  • Security improvements generated from continuous ethical hacking
  • Added parameter type to smart contract parameter configuration
  • Implemented compilation test before smart contract publication
  • Added username to account settings
  • Now allowing users to show image from Gravatar as their profile picture
  • Implemented a developer profile page
  • Implemented deployment of owned contracts
  • Allow edit of a Modex Admin rejected smart contract
  • Performance and speed improvement on website loading
  • Email notification on smart contract purchase, to both the buyer and the seller