About Modex

On March 15th, Modex - the world's first App Store for blockchain - officially launched Modex Marketplace. Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects. Given the emerging norm for ‘borderless’ transactions, distributed ledger technology has opened the door for a new world of “data exchange”, facilitated through Smart Contracts.

Modex marketplace will showcase the benefits and functionalities that the platform can provide for a variety of buyers who wish to implement smart contracts.

The Modex team of 50 experts and advisors is made out of professionals with a high-level experience in developing banking and financial software, formers from Google, Oracle, Temenos, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, E&Y, as well as a committed and skilled team of marketing pros and successful startup entrepreneurs. Google has recently chosen Modex as its unique case study for ICOs and Blockchain projects.

The MODEX Token

The utility token that is created through the Token Sale by the Modex-Ltd is an ERC20 compliant token, and it is divisible up to 18 decimals. It comes into existence through the sale to investors for other accepted currencies, like ETH, BTC, and Fiat. Tokens that are not sold will not be created. Modex tokens are fully convertible to other listed currencies on External Exchanges, as well as via an internally operated exchange called the Modexchange.

For Developers

At the very base of this marketplace is the MODEX token, the world’s first token designed for developers. Empowered by developers, the MODEX token acknowledges and rewards their hard work in building Smart Contracts which can then be sold on Modex Marketplace, thus bridging the gap between businesses and real-world users.

The MODEX token brings added value not just to developers, but also to businesses and end-users. Our token will connect, seamlessly, developers with the real world, helping companies and end-users find the right solutions for their needs. Fast, efficient and secure. The smart contracts that developers write, upload and sell on Modex Marketplace will substantially change many industries for the better and make a strong social impact in the community. Characterized by its strong value, MODEX is the world’s first token empowered by developers. With MODEX, they can finally say they have a token of their own, a product of blockchain technology.

As a developer, with Modex you can monetize your knowledge, have your work used by potentially millions of people, get recognition, and improve your skills thanks to peer reviews and security audits. As the representative of a business or corporation, on Modex Marketplace you can find solid, security audited smart contracts for a variety of use cases. You can test, customize, purchase and deploy in minutes, not months. Go to market faster while reducing risk, hassle and upfront investment. Modex platform will significantly reduce entry barriers, enabling many more developers and companies to start developing blockchain solutions.

How it works

Smart Contract Developer

1. The developer uploads the smart contract source code, sets the price, licensing model and testing parameters

Peer Review Smart Contracts

2. The smart contracts goes through the review stage where it's peer reviewed and security audited. After passing the review, the contract is assigned an address and ABI

Published Smart Contracts

3. The smart contract is published to the marketplace where it's now available for testing and purchase

For Businesses

Find solid, security audited smart contracts for a variety of use cases. Test, customize, purchase and deploy in minutes, not months. Go to market faster while reducing risk, hassle and upfront investment.

Each contract is rigorously tested and thoroughly audited by the Modex team in order to ensure the quality of products available on the marketplace. The governing token of the platform is the MODEX, which enables users to purchase smart contracts, and compensate developers for their work. Clients are able to test smart contracts and see if they suit their needs.

Soon, bounties can be made for a specific smart contract.

How it works

Search Smart Contracts

1. Easily search for the smart contract you need, based on your specific needs

Compare and Test Smart Contracts

2. Compare and test before you buy to make sure the contract delivers the results you need, with licensing terms you're comfortable with

Purchase and Deploy Smart Contracts

3. Purchase and deploy your contract in minutes instead of months

The Modex Platform

Building a smart contract or DApp is more difficult than it needs to be, solely because of the lack of tools and infrastructure. The Modex Platform, together with the Smart Contract Marketplace, will provide a range of critical components that aim to make developing blockchain projects as easy as building a web or mobile app:

- Solidity plugins and tools that make it easier to write and debug smart contracts
- Easy access to key open source libraries and tools
- Deployment tools for both public and private blockchains
- Private blockchain provisioning, exploration and security solutions
- Logging and monitoring

The Modex Platform will significantly reduce barriers to entry and enable many more developers and companies to start developing for the blockchain.


Q1 2018

Private Alpha

Developer Module V.0

Customer Module V.0

Enhanced blockchain tools V.0

Alpha Pen testing

Q2 2018

Launch Public Alpha

Developer Module V.1

Customer Module V.1

Protocols adoption framework V.0

Q3 2018

Scale up the public Alpha

API platform V.0

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.0

Community Module V.0

Enhanced Blockchain tools V.1

Q4 2018

Launch Public Beta

Protocols adoption framework V.1

Add 1 new protocol to the platform

API platform V.1

Bounties Module V.0

DApps Module V.0


Launch the first full version

Developer Module V.2

Customer Module V.2

Enhanced blockchain tools V.2

DApps Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.1

Community Module V.1

Bounties Module V.1

Add 3 blockchain protocols

Startups Module V.0 and V.1

Projects Module V.0

Enterprise Module V.0


Launch the upgraded version

Startups Module V.2

Bounties Module V.2

Projects Module V.1

DApps Module V.2

Enterprise Module V.1

Blockchain Knowledge Module V.2

Community Module V.2

Add 5 blockchain protocols